Available Courses

Here is a list of available courses.


Phase 1: Earn Your Bagpipes

Before we can play a full set of bagpipes, we need to make sure we have some foundational "finger-work" skills. Let's develop them together.

Phase 1: Earn Your Drum (Under Construction!)

Earn your drum by learning the basics of Scottish Snare Drumming in a step-by-step, common sense, ultra-musical way.

Phase 2A: Make the Band

Complete your arsenal of gracenotes, allowing you to learn the essential performance tunes necessary to make the band.

Phase 2B: Transitioning to the Bagpipes

Get on the bagpipes one step at a time, with no physical stress or mental confusion. Sponsored by McCallum Bagpipes.

Pipe Corps Level Up

So you've made it to Grade 'X' - now what? Let's work together as a team to reach the next grade level.